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Logo is a tourist website for direct booking of holiday complexes, apart-hotels and chalets in many resorts in Bulgaria. We act as a travel agent and we are registered trademark of Property Management BG - a company operating on the market for almost 10 years.

What we offer?
Our website's name - indicates the type of service that we offer to our clients, namely hotel accommodation in already acquired popularity apartment hotels. We consider ourselves as one of the pioneers and founders of this service, as we are among the first who boldly staked on such type of accommodation over the typical hotels. The distinguishing mark of the apart-hotels and thus our operating mode is that we combine accommodation in spacious, luxuriously equipped apartments with large choice of excellent extras typical for high class hotels. This is our main advantage over conventional forms of accommodation - facilities and hotel services with the coziness and space of a nice apartment, where absolutely nothing is missing. Last but not least is the price, the appearance of our premises conjectures the ability to ensure extremely reasonable prices for accommodation of families or groups of friends.
Belmont Bansko Belvedere Bansko Redenka Palace

Our clients
Our clients So far over 27 000 people approached us for advice or assistance regarding a booking only in the past five years. We seek to justify the voted confidence and we will bestow even greater care on saving time and money of the increasing number of visitors and users of our website. We try to provide relatively more profitable rates of the complexes featured on, than if you contact or visit it directly. Let us be your travel guide!

The beauty of Bulgaria!
The beauty of Bulgaria! Along with the numerous offers for holiday and recreation, we also strive to promote Bulgaria as a favorite and preferred destination. We know that our neighbouring countries are popular destinations and many of our compatriots prefer them for their vacation, but our country has not less beautiful scenery - beaches and sea, beautiful mountains, pure lakes, rivers and river canyons and along that a rich history with many cultural monuments. You'll be surprised how many whimsical and unpopular places exist which most of us do not even suspect of. Our team is committed to find and promote them to as many people as possible, so as to discover the beauty of our country. Here you can read more interesting details about the different parts of Bulgaria.

Licensed Touroperator Speaking of our team, here we go. We are a company made up of young people with unquenchable enthusiasm and already rich experience. Over the last few years we made lots of efforts to provide our clients with accomplished product. We know that the customers want to be more informed and they become demanding when it comes to planning their vacation. We try to keep up, and in turn to surprise them with all new proposals for their holiday. Therefore together with, we are developing simultaneously a website for direct rental of villas and guesthouses -, which brings together hundreds of houses, information and bookings are done with one call or e-mail, as well as complete Travel service for our partners - corporate clients and their employees..

Below you will get acquainted with part of our team - our radiant consultants whom you can always ask for advice concerning your holiday choice, a particular inquiry or booking request - as well as with other colleagues who make continuous care to maintain the quality and prompt service of our agency always on a high level.

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