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Oasis Resort & SPA
Oasis Resort & SPA
On the beach in southern Lozenec
Oasis Resort & Spa is located on the very sea-shore at Lozenec, the southern part of the bulgarian Black sea coast, 60km. away from Burgas and 450km. away from Sofia, far away from any industrial or contaminated areas.
Other bulgarian sea resorts, such as Tzaerovo and Primorsko, are in immediate proximity. The location of the complex combines an unique mixture of 500m long and 40m. wide beach area, covered with fine golden sand, and the rich authentic vegetation of Strandja mountain. Huge part of the territory nearby the complex is a natural reserve.
Oasis Resort & Spa is designed in specific Medditerranean style and has at its disposal surf school, three beach bars, out-(olympic) and indoor swimming-pool, sport facilities, beach animations for children. Inside the complex you can find a shop, café, business and internet club, kindergarten.
The complex consists of three different buildings:

Aparthotel Oasis PREMIUM - it is situated right at the beach. Some of the units have sea view.
Aparthotel Oasis - situated behind Aparthotel Oasis Premium. The units does not have sea view.
Boutique Hotel Maltese Castle - it is situated right at the beach. Some of the units have direct sea view.

Oasis has a modern and luxurious service area, fully consistent with the convenience of owners and guests. It includes luggage delivery to your apartment or hotel room, dry-cleaning, housekeeping, room-service, five-star restaurant, many bars, sport center and others.

The guests can take advantage of :
* Fitness Center
* SPA center with indoor pool
* Hairdressing salon
* Shop and tennis courts

Fintess center and swimming pools
Oasis Resort & SPA has at its disposal a modern and completely equipped fitness center. We have ensured professional assistance for those who will probably need some. You can also enjoy our swimming pools – outdoor(Olympic) and indoor.

Surf school and water sports
In our surf school you can find all the necessary equipment you may need to practice water sports or you may ask for assistance one of our professional instructors. For all fans of extreme sports, we can offer water diving, jet skiing, water skiing, wake board.

The wide and long beach of Oasis lay down between the crystal clear water of Black sea and the magnificent slopes of Strandja mountain. The beach is available for all owners and guest of the hotel. Oasis beach offers wide range of entertainment: you can drink cocktails in one of  our beach bar and relax in luxury lounge or tent. You can take one of uor yacht cruises or park your own near the coast.

Children's Center
for kids 1 to 4 years old and from 5 to 12 years old
/Working Hrs: 10:00 - 21:00/

While parents enjoy their personal
and unforgettable experience, they’re confident that their kids also have fun.
The safety and smile of our youngest guests are our top priority.
Trust our well-trained team of professionals and animators who
apply all standards and rules for working with children.

For the kids we have provided:
- heated outdoor pool
- outdoor playground
- summer animation program
- art studio, ballet, dance and violin lessons, language school, playback show and more.
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