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Снимка от Primorsko Primorsko is situated on a small peninsula on the coast of Black Sea, at the foot of Strandja peaks, descending to the shore. Thanks to its location on the border of two latitudes, where the merged continental and moderate Mediterranean climate, Primorsko is the northernmost village in Bulgaria, where citrus can be cultivated.
All around Primorsko coast is dotted with the ruins of ancient cities and great cities. The walls of the longest existing settlement in the region - Ranuli are soaring on the hill called today Valchovo kale. The area that they surround today is about 30 acres. According to historians, this is one of the largest castles- cities in Bulgaria. In the Middle Ages it was a regional center. Often at the coast coulb be found discarded pieces of ??ancient vessels.
In 2003 it was found long sought sanctuary of Ranuli. Supposed to be like any big city, and that there should be a sanctuary outside the city limits. About 2-3 km from the fortress, the scientists discovered almost untouched by time sanctuary-observatory, built in huge stone partially processed pieces, arranged in irregular circles, on certain days of the year the sun penetrates between them. They founded also altar, altar throne, and the largest known to science dolmen. It was built in the 14th century BC, and is thought to be used until5th century AD.


- Ropotamo - store large populations of rare endemic species in a forest, the huge rock overhanging the sea.
- Reserve Arkutino
- Vesekata skala - strewn with large boulders, a place from where you can see most of Ropotamo from above, and Lion's Head over the river.

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